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m3u1 revision




(1)dialect n.


(2)contest n. 竞赛 (3)suggestion n. 建议 (4)standard n. 标准 (5)vocabulary n. 词汇 (6)expression n. 词语;表达 (7)grasp v. 掌握

(8)practise v. 练*
(9)achieve v. 实现 (10)benefit v.受益 (11)master v. 精通;掌握 (12)fluent adj. 流利的

(13)vital adj. 极重要的
(14)beneficial adj. 有益的

(15)nervous adj. 紧张的
(16)frequent adj. 频繁的;经常的 (17)freely adv. 自由地 (18)gradually adv. 逐渐地 (19)regularly adv. 定期地;有规律地

2.常用短语 (1)stick to 坚持 (2)extensive reading 精读 (3)be popular with 受……欢迎 (4)attitudes to learning 学*态度 (5)develop one's interest 培养兴趣 (6)share ... with ... 与……共享…… (7)has an advantage over 在……有优势 (8)language learning strategies 语言学*策略 (9)enlarge one's vocabulary 扩大某人的词汇 量


1.master, English, mean, we, see, world, through, new, window (用动名词短语作主语)

Mastering English means we can 答案: ______________________________________ see the world through a new window. ____________________
2.I, feel, nervous, when, speak, English (用状语从句的省

often feel nervous when speaking 答案:I __________________________________

3.another, suggestion, give, us, more chances, practise, English (用不定式短语作表语)


Another suggestion is to give us

more chances to practise English. ________________
4.you, only, by doing so, enlarge one's vocabulary, easily (用倒装句式)

Only by doing so can you enlarge 答案: __________________________________________
_____________ your vocabulary (more) easily.

Ⅰ.高频单词必记 1.forecast __ vt.& n.预测,预报 2.glance vi.& n. 瞥,扫视

nowhereadv. 无处,到处都不 3.
n. 靠*;方法;路径

approach 4. vt. 靠*,接*;着手处理
5.grasp vt. 抓紧,抓牢

6.stare vi. 凝视,盯着看

7. aidn.& vt. 8. reliefn.

帮助 轻松,宽慰 认识,辨认出,承认 镇静的,沉着的

recognizevt. 9. calm adj. 10.
11. likely adj. n.


12. whisper vt.& vi. 低声说,耳语 耳语

attachvt. 使连在一起,把……附在……上;认为 13.

confuse vt.使糊涂,使迷惑→ confused 14. adj.糊涂的;
迷惑的→ confusing adj.令人迷惑的

ignore vt.忽视;对……不予理会→ignorance 15. n.无
知;愚昧;不知道→ ignorant adj.无知的;愚昧的

observevt.观察;注意到;评论→observation 16. ______n.观察者→
_____________ observer n.观察;注意

hesitate vi.犹豫,迟疑不决→ hesitation 17. n.犹豫,
迟疑 18. n.焦虑, anxiousadj.焦虑的,忧虑的→anxiety 忧虑

distancen.距离,远处→ distant adj.遥远的;远 19.

suitable adj. 20.__________ n.套装 vt.适合,满足需要→ suit

disabilityn.缺陷;残疾→ 21.
力→ disabled adj.残疾的

v.使某人丧失能 disable

attraction attract vt.吸引→ 22. n.喜爱,喜欢;有趣之
物→attractive adj.有魅力的,诱人的

employ vt.使用;雇佣→ employee n.受雇者,雇 23.

employment 员→___________ employern.雇用者,雇主→_______________

1.语境串记(用所给词的适当形式填空) (1)What you said left all of us in

confusion . We were

confused completely.(confuse) anxiousif we don't arrive (2)My mother always gets a bit when we say we will. We can even feel heranxiety .(anxious) (3)Theobserver has been observing the situation of that region for a long time, so his observation is believable.

2.主题串记 disability是由“否定前缀dis+名词ability”构成的名词。 请根据词性和汉语提示写出下列含有否定前缀dis的 高频单词

__n. disadvantage (2) dishonest __adj. (3) disappear ___ vi. (4) disapprove ___ vi. (5) disbelief ___n. (1)

不诚实的 消失 不赞成,反对 怀疑,不相信

Ⅱ.重点短语必背 *1. _____________ in sight 看得到,在视力范围之内 *2. wish for ______ 盼望,企盼 ____ (手)伸出,伸出(手) reach out *4. stare up____ at 抬头凝视 *5. watch out ____ for 留心,密切注意 come to one‘s___ aid 6. 来帮助某人 *7. in relief _____ 轻松地;宽慰地 8. pay back ___偿还;报答 *3.

_____使某人惊奇的是 to one‘s surprise 10. in he distance _______在远处 ... 11. attach ...to ________ 把……附在……上 *12. ring out ________(铃声、枪声等)突然响起 13. contrary_______ 与……相反 to 14. roll up ___________卷起来 15. mistake ...for________ 把……误认为…… ... 9.


1.As a matter of fact, we can't have everything we
. wish for 2.He glanced around him quickly. There was no one . in sight 3.Jeremy returned home ___after he got the in relief

news that he had passed the exam.

4.It's fantastic to swim in the sea, but you have to __________________ watch out for sharks. 5.She _____________ reached outher hands for the keyboard and began to play.

6.He sat on the chair,

staring up ___the at teacher,

who was standing beside him.

1.observe vt.观察,注意到;评论;遵守;庆祝 (1) observe sb. doing sth . 观察(到)某人在做某事 (强调动作在进行)

observe sb. do sth. 观察(到)某人做(过) 某事(强调动作过程) observe that从句/wh从句 观察到……,注意到…… observe the law/the rules and regulations 遵守法律/规章制度 observe Christmas /New Year's Day 庆祝圣诞 节/元旦

(2)observer n. 目击者;观察者;观测员
(3)observation n. 观察;注意;监视

[语境串记] When we observe festivals, we must observe the traffic regulations. If we observe someone running a red light, we should stop him.

A.句型转换 ①The police observed the man enter the bank.( 改为被动语态) →The man was observed to enter the bank by the police. B.完成句子 ②我观察到池塘在干涸。 observed that I _______________the pond was drying up. ③我从未看到他做过早操。 I have never observed him do morning exercises.

C:单项填空 ④The US should the three SinoUS joint communiques( 联合公报)and the basic norms( 准则)of international relations. A.accomplish B.observe C.approve D.accelerate 解析:句意:美国应遵守中美三个联合公报和 国际关系基本准则。observe意为“遵守”,符合 句意。accomplish“完成”; approve“批准”; accelerate“促进”。 答案: B

2.glance vi.& n.瞥一眼,匆匆看

(1)glance at
glance over/through

浏览 乍一看


at a glance ______看一眼
at first glance/sight

give/take a glance (at) (朝……)一瞥

[个性比较] glance at, glare at, stare at glance at (不经意地)瞥一眼;匆匆一瞥 glare at 怒目而视;瞪眼

stare at 者深思而长时间目不转睛地直视

A.选词填空: glance, glare, stare stared at the broken glass he ①The boy ________ dropped on the floor, and didn't know what to

②He didn't shout; he just glared at me

③The old man glanced at the boy and walked


④乍一看问题似乎很简单。 At first glance the problem seemed easy. ⑤姑娘向周围的人扫了一眼,发现一个男人盯

The girl glanced at the people around and

found a man staring at her.She became so
angry that she glared at him for a warning.

C:单项填空 ⑥The old gentleman just stood there the pickpocket and did not say a word. A.glaring B.staring C.gazing D.glancing


解析:句意:这位老先生只是站在那里怒视那个扒手, 一句话也没有说。glare“怒视”,表示愤怒地看,符合 句意。stare和gaze都意为“凝视,注视”,表示一般意

义上的盯着看; glance“(匆匆)一瞥”。
答案: A

3.approach vt.靠*,接*;着手处理n.靠*;方法; 路径

(1)approach sb. on/about sth. 和某人接洽/商量 某事 (2)an approach to ... ……的通道,入口; 解决……的方法 make approaches to sb. 与某人打交道 at the approach___ of 在快到……的时候

[语境串记] He approached the approach to the museum under the cover of the dark. 借着夜幕的掩护他接*了博物馆的入口处。 [WXTS] approach 表示“……的方法/途径”时, 后常接介词to; 当表示某人或某物来临时,其后常 接介词of。


①The approach of the final examination is
making Linda nervous.

②We need to try other approaches______ to
solving the problem.

B.完成句子 ③所有通往机场的路都被警察封锁了。

All the approaches to the airport were
blocked by the police. ④在快到学校时,他被一个男孩拦住。 At the approach of the school he was stopped by a boy.

C.单项填空 ⑤(2010· 上海高考) the city centre, we saw a stone statue of about 10 metres in height. A.Approaching B.Approached C.To approach D.To be approached 解析:考查非谓语动词。由语境可知,逗号前 面的部分为时间状语,而不是目的状语,可排 除C、D两项; approach“走*,靠*”,与句子 的主语we之间为主动关系,应用现在分词。 答案: A

4.anxious adj.焦虑,忧虑
(1)be anxious for/about ... 为……担忧

be anxious to do sth . 急于/渴望做某事
be anxious for sb. to do ... 希望某人做…… be anxious that ... (2)anxiety n. anxiously adv. 焦虑地 非常希望…… 焦虑;不安;担心;忧虑

[个性比较] anxious, eager 指带有更多焦急情绪的对“结果或 anxiou 前途”的“渴望”。也可以指“担 心的” 指带有热切、兴奋情绪的积极的“




A.选词填空: anxious, eager ①She is eager _______ to go to college, but anxious ________about the Entrance Examination to College. B.用anxious的适当形式填空 ②The fear of unemployment can cause anxiety deep__________among people. ③Residents are anxiously waiting for a decision.

C:单项填空 ④— Why are you so hurried? — My mother will get a bit if I don't get back on time. A.ashamed B.eager C.anxious D.patient
解析:句意:“你为什么如此匆忙?”“如果我不 能准时回去,我妈妈会有些担心。”ashamed“ 惭愧的”; eager“渴望的”; anxious“忧虑的, 担心的”; patient“耐心的”。故C项符合句意。 答案: C

5.recognize vt.认识,辨认出;意识到;(正式)承认; 公认

recognize sb./sth. as/to be ...承认是/公认是/认

recognize that ... 承认…… recognition n

[个性比较] recognize, realize, know
recogniz 原来熟悉,经过一段时间间隔后重新 e 认出来

realize 经过一个过程后“意识到” know 相互十分熟悉和了解

A.选词填空: recognize, realize, know

①At first, he didn't realize that he had been recognized by his old friend who
he knew very well in the past.

B.完成句子 ②韩寒被公认为一个杰出的青年作家。 Han Hanis recognized as a brilliant young


I ______________________________ recognized his voice on the phone though he

tried to pretend.

C.单项填空 ④(2010· 辽宁高考) Alexander tried to get his work in the medical circles. A.to recognize B.recognizing C.recognize D.recognized
解析:考查非谓语动词。题干中含有“get sth.done”结 构,表示“使某事被做”。句意:Alexander试图使他的

工作被医学界认可。his work与recognize为逻辑上的动

答案: D

6.ignore vt.忽视;对……不予理会

(1)ignorant adj.无知的;愚昧的;不知道的 不知道某事 be ignorant of/about sth . (2)ignorance n. 无知;愚昧;不知道 be in ignorance of sth. 不知道某事 out of ignorance 出于无知
ignorant of modern technology. He is completely __________ 他对现代科技一无所知。

A.用ignore的适当形式填空 ①At that time I was ignorant of events going on elsewhere.

②We are in complete ignorance of your

B.完成句子 ③我提了个建议,但他们不予理会。 I made a suggestion but they chose . to ignore it

④儿童往往由于无知而不守规矩。 out of ignorance Children often behave badly


C.单项填空 ⑥Some universities have been forced to lay too much emphasis on their graduates' employment rate and, more or less, the quality of education. A.refuse B.deny C.ignore D.forbid

解析:句意:一些大学被迫过多关注毕业生就业问题, 或多或少,忽视了教育质量。ignore“忽视”,符合句 意。refuse“拒绝”; deny“否认”; forbid“禁止”。 答案: C

7.attract vt.吸引,引起……的注意;对……有吸引力
? attract sb.'s attention ? ? 吸引某人的注意 (1) ? attract the attention of sb.?

attract sb. to sth .

吸引某人关注某事 吸引力;诱惑力 有吸引力的地方或事物 有吸引力的;迷人的

(2)attraction n.[U] [C] (3) attractive adj.

A.用attract的适当形式填空 ①The Forbidden City is a major tourist .


②The new cartoon is attractive to children. ③In order to attract more students, we must

try to diversify the textbooks.

B.完成句子 ④你认为是什么把人吸引到大城市去的? attracts people to big cities What do you think______________________? ⑤她试图引起服务员的注意。 She tried to attract the attention of the waiter.

C.单项填空 ⑥(2010· 江苏高考) Thousands of foreigners were to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A.attended B.attained C.attracted D.attached

解析:考查动词辨析。句意:在上海世博会开放当天, 成千上万的外国人被“吸引”到此处。attract sb. to“把(人 等)吸引到……”,此处为其被动语态。attend表示“参加”, 是及物动词,不必加to,而且要用主动形式,所以A项错 误;attain“达到”和be attached to“附属于”,都不符合语 境。 答案: C

8.whisper vi.& vt.小声说;私下说;低声说,耳语n.[C] 耳语

(1) . 对某人小声说(某事) whisper about sb./sth. 密谈某人/某事 It is whispered that ... 有人私下说…… whisper (sth.) in sb.'s ear对某人耳语 (2)in a whisper/in whispers 低声地

whisper (sth.) to sb

A.介词填空 about ①What are you two whispering ? ②“That's Jim,” she whispered in my ear. B.完成句子 ③那两个男人开始低声说话。 talking in whispers The two men began . ④难道你不知道窃窃私语是不礼貌的吗? Don't you know it's rude to whisper ?


A ⑤Mum

to us, “Be quiet!Your

sister's sleeping.” A.whispered B.shouted



9.likely adj.可能的

It is likely that ...很可能……
sb.+be likely to do sth

. 某人可能做某事

[个性比较] likely, possible, probable
三个词均表示“可能的”,但probable和likely所表示 的可能性大, possible表示的可能性小 probable 常用于It's probable that ...句型中 主语既可以是人,也可以是物,常用句型: likely It is likely that ...; sb./sth.be likely to do ...

常用于句型:It's possible for sb. to do possible sth.; It's possible that ... 轻巧识记

A.选词填空: likely, probable, possible ①They are likely to visit us if they know where we live. ②It is probable/likely/possible that they will come to attend the party.

③It is possible for him to master the art of

B.句型转换 ④It is likely that they will get ahead of us in the march. →They will be likely to get ahead of us in the march.

C.单项填空 ⑤(2010· 陕西高考) Studies show that people are more to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. A.likely B.possible C.probable D.sure
解析:考查形容词辨析。句意:研究表明长期坐在电脑 前的人更有可能患有背部疾病。be likely to do sth.意为 “有可能做某事”。B、C两项作表语时,主语一般不是 人,可以用物作主语或it作形式主语;D项不合题意。 答案: A

10.reach out伸出(手);(手)伸出

reach (out one's hand) for sth (1) . (2)beyond/out of sb.'s reach = beyond/out of the reach of sb.



within sb.'s reach=within the reach of sb.

within (easy) reach (of sth.) 靠*,很接*

[个性比较] reach, reach for

reach for

reach vi.“伸手去够,伸手去拿”, 强调动作性

A.选词填空: reach, reach for ①He reached for the book on the top of the cupboard, but couldn't reach it. B.完成句子 ②她伸出手,迅速拿走了那个盒子 She reached out her hands and took the box away quickly. ③把玩具放到那个婴儿可以拿到的地方。 Put the toys within the reach of that baby.

C.单项填空 ④(2009· 山东高考) It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot easy reach. A.near B.upon C.within D.around 解析:考查介词。句意:在厨房里把你经常使 用的东西放在触手可及的地方会节省许多时间。 within reach“触手可及的,在……可达到的范 围之内”,为*惯搭配。 答案: C

11.watch out for 留心,密切注意,留意 (1) watch out (for) 当心(后接宾语时for 不能省略)
(2)look out (for) = watch out (for) 当心,注意(语气较强)
? ? ?that ... ? ?留神,注意(用于对可能 (3)take care? ? ??not?to do sth.? ?

出现的不测预先警告) that ... ? ? ? ?仔细,留神?一般用语, (4)be careful??not? to do sth. ? 可用于各种场合? ? ? ?of/about/with ...?

A.句型转换 ①Please pay much attention to the heavy traffic along here. →Please watch/look out for the heavy traffic along here.

B.完成句子 ②当心!有车过来了。 Watch out/ Take care/Be careful/ Look out There's a car coming. ③注意那个戴墨镜的女子。 Watch out for the woman with dark glasses on.

C.单项填空 ④Dogs are clever animals and they can be trained to houses. A.look for B.look out C.watch out D.watch out for

解析:词义辨析题。句意:狗是聪明的动物,可 以把它们驯服来看家护院。look for“寻找”; look out“注意,当心”;watch out“小心,当心”; watch out for“密切注意,留意(某物)”。故D项符 合句意。 答案: D

ing形式?表示主动? ? ?v.?v.ed形式?表示被动? find+宾语+宾语补足语? ??to be+?形容词?表状态? ? ?介词短语 After walking for two hours, they found themselves coming to a small river in the forest. 走了两个小时后,他们发现不知不觉中已来到了森林里 的一条小河边。 I found myself surrounded by a group of children. 我发现自己被一群孩子围着。


①He found his bike stolen

(steal) yesterday.

②I found myself agreeing (agree) with everything she said.

B.完成句子 ③那个男子醒来时发现自己被绑在一棵树上。 found himself tied to a tree When the man woke up, he _______________ . ④我发现自己身处险境。 I found myself in a dangerous situation .

C.单项填空 ⑤In the reading room, we found her at a desk,with her attention on a book. A.sitting; fixing B.sit; fixed C.sitting; to be fixed D.seated; fixed
解析:第一空用sitting或seated均可, sitting表示动作的持续, seated表示状态; fix与her attention之间是动宾关系,应用过 去分词。故选D项。 答案: D

Don't be frightened by sharks: you are 30
times more likely to be hit by lightning than be attacked by a shark. 不要惧怕鲨鱼,你被闪电击中的几率都 要比遭受鲨鱼攻击的几率大30倍。 30 times more likely ...than为倍数表达法。

倍数表达法的常见结构: ?more ...than ...?比较级? ? ?as ...as ...?原级? ... times ?the size/length/height/width of+另一比较对象 ?what 从句 ? ?that/those of

[WXTS] (1)两倍用twice或double,三倍及三

倍以上用... times表达;

者a quarter, a half等修饰;
(3)that/those of ...多用于产量、生产等方面的

比较,that/those 指代前面的同名异物名词。

A.句型转换 ①The size of the newly broadened square is four times that of the previous one. 1).1 The newly broadened square is three times bigger than the previous one. 2).The newly broadened square is four times as big as the previous one. 3).The newly broadened square is four times the size of the previous one.

B.完成句子 ②他的体重是二十年前的三倍。 He weighs three times what he weighed twenty years ago. ③这个盒子比那个大三分之一。 The box is one third bigger than that one.

C.单项填空 ④The new free way which is under construction now will be this one. A.as double wide as B.double the width of C.double wide of D.double as width as 解析:考查倍数表达法。英语中常见的表达倍 数的句型有:①... times+as +adj./adv. (原级) +as ...; ②...times+adj./adv.(比较级)+than ... ; ③...times+the length/width/ ...+of ...。两倍 时用twice或double,故B项符合。 答案: B